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Initial Setup

Download the Setup App

App Store

Google Play

APK direct download

Power On

Connect your Embassy to power and Internet, normally using an ethernet port on your home Internet router.


To avoid networking issues, it is recommended to use your primary router, not an extender or mesh router.

You will hear 2 distinct sounds:

  • “bep” ‐ Powering on

  • “chime” ‐ Embassy is ready

Claim Your Embassy

  1. Ensure your phone is connected to the same WiFi network as your router.


Sometmies a router will have a “guest WiFi network,” which might be different than the network your Embassy is placed on via ethernet.

  1. Inside the Setup App, enter the product key located on the bottom of your Embassy


The product key is used to discover your Embassy’s IP address on the Local Area Network using a hashing function and a protocol named MDNS (or Zeroconf). Once in possession of the Embassy’s local IP address, the Setup App can now communicate directly with the Embassy.


  1. Confirm that the Embassy is plugged into both power and Ethernet.

  2. Confirm the Embassy emitted two sounds when powering on: a bep and a chime.

  3. Confirm you are entering the correct product key.

  4. Confirm your phone is not connected to a “Guest” network

  5. Confirm your phone is not using a VPN.

  6. Close and reopen the Setup App and try again.

  7. Rarely, certain routers do not support mDNS. Please see the “Advanced” tab.


If your router does not support mDNS

  • On your desktop or laptop computer, navigate to your router configuration settings within the browser. This is usually an IP address such as A simple Google search will usually reveal how to access the router configuration settings for a particular brand.

  • Once in the router config settings, find the section that lists the devices on your network. You should see an item labeled “start9labs”. Take note of the associated IP address and enter it into the Setup App in the “LAN IP Address” input field.

  1. Create your permanent master password and complete setup.


In this step, the Setup App will provide your Embassy with three pieces of critical information:

  • A ed25519 private key. Used by the Embassy to create a .onion public address for encrypted and anonymous communication over Tor.

  • A 4096 bit RSA private key. Used by the Embassy to create a SSL certificate for encrypted communication over LAN.

  • A master password. Used by the Embassy to authenticate you as its owner.

All three secrets are packaged together and transmitted to the Embassy encrypted with its product key.


There is also currently no way to change your password. Choose a strong master password. Write it down. Store it somewhere safe. DO NOT LOSE IT. If you lose this password, you may be forced to reset the device, resulting in permanent loss of data.

Setup Complete!

Your Embassy is now hosted on the private web. You can view and manage your Embassy by visiting its unique Tor Address from any Tor-enabled browser. The Setup App contains our recommendations for various devices.