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Reset Your Password

  1. Obtain the latest copy of EmbassyOS with your product key included, by downloading it from Github.

  2. Flash the downloaded image to your microSD card, using this guide.

  3. Insert the microSD card into your Embassy and power it on.


    Embassy will power up and then initialize. Once complete, you will hear a _bep_ to indicate it is initialized and then a _chime_ sound to indicate it is online.

  4. On your computer, open up a browser and go to http://embassy.local.

  5. When prompted, enter your Product Key:

  6. Select “Recover”.

  7. As instructed, plug in your EmbassyOS data drive and you will receive a popup declaring that a valid data drive has been detected. Click “Use Drive” from the pop-up. If you don’t see the drive, you may get a message asking you to unplug, then plug back in the drive, and refresh the page.

  8. Wait a moment while it reads the data from your drive.

  9. Enter and confirm a new password of at least 12 characters when prompted. Save this password somewhere safe.

  10. Your password change is complete!