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Provide Support

We aim to offer world-class support, but we need all the help we can get!

Community Channels

  1. If you see a query in one of our Community Channels that has not been answered, please respond!

    • It is important for humans to be heard, so even letting someone know that the team may be offline can mean a lot. You can mention that the team is most active during North American daylight hours.

    • If you are confident you have the answer to a question, you may answer it yourself. We ask that you please be certain that you know the correct answer. You can always verify with a team member first or direct the inquirer to the relevant section of these docs (often the FAQ). This may also lead to suggestions about docs additions or edits.

  2. Participate in our Github Discussions channel.

  3. Make your voice heard in the unofficial feedback forum:

  4. If you would like to take on a more significant role in Support, please reach out to us at, or in one of our Community Channels.

    • We are working on a volunteer program, which we eventually hope to incentivize.

    • It is also a foot in the door with Start9, where we are always growing and often in need of new team members.