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Trusting Embassy CA on Mac

Video Guide:
  1. Locate your Embassy’s Root CA, right click, then click Open with > Keychain Access.

    LAN setup prompt
  2. Enter your computer password when prompted. It will be imported into your mac’s keychain.

    Keychain access import menu


    If the keychain console did not open, press “Command + spacebar” and type “Keychain Access”, and hit enter to open it.

  3. Navigate to the “System” tab on the left, find the certificate named “Embassy Local Root CA”, and double click on this certificate. A second window will pop up.

  4. Open the “Trust” dropdown and select “Always Trust” from the dropdown next to “When using this certificate”.

    Keychain submenu
  5. Close this window and enter your password to apply the settings.

  6. The “Embassy Local Root CA” cert will now read “This certificate is marked as trusted for all users” in Keychain Access.

    Keychain menu trusted certificate

No additional setup is required for most browsers and you will now be able to safely connect to your Embassy over LAN.

For Firefox, you will need to follow these instructions.