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Connecting Over Tor

You can connect to your Embassy from anywhere in the world, privately and anonymously, by using its unique Tor Address (.onion URL).


Tor connection can sometimes be unreliable and have higher latency than normal internet connections.

Using Firefox


This is recommended way to connect to your Embassy over Tor, but it requires some additional steps.

  1. Run Tor (not Tor Browser) in the background on your connecting device.

  2. Configure Firefox to handle .onion URLs.

Using TorBrowser


Tor Browser will allow you to use your Embassy’s .onion URL without any manual configuration, however all connections are proxied via Tor, so you will not be able to access your Embassy’s .local LAN address with it. Using Firefox is recommended over TorBrowser.

  • Linux, Mac, Windows, Android

  • iOS

    • iOS lacks a well-functioning Tor Browser. Use Firefox