If you would like to contribute to the documentation please follow the instructions here:

  1. Head to Github.

  2. Create an account if you don’t have one already:

  3. Head to Start9’s documentation repo.

  4. Fork the repository by clicking here:

  5. Click “Create fork”

  1. Search through the relevant directory, find the article you’d like to edit, select it, and click on the edit button.

  2. Make your edit and click “Commit changes”.

  3. Describe your changes in the first field, click “Create new branch for this commit and start a pull request,” name the branch in the second field and click “Propose changes”.

  4. Click “documentation”.

  5. Click “Compare & pull request” in the yellow box (if this does not appear, go to “Pull Requests -> New”):

  6. Now ensure that the base repository is Start9Labs/documentation, then click “Create pull request”.

  7. From here, a Start9 team member will review your PR, either suggesting changes or approving it if no changes are necessary.

Thank you for contributing to Start9’s documentation!