TrueNAS Network Folder


This guide was created by a Start9 community member. This is not yet officially supported. Please report any feedback that may help improve the process.

Setup Network Folder


This guide assumes you have already created a ZFS disk pool in Storage > Pool as a place to store your backups. If you need help with this step, see the TrueNAS documentation.

  1. In the TrueNAS UI, to add a user who will write the backups from the Start9 server to the NAS, go to Accounts > Users > ADD:

  2. Fill in a human-readable Full Name, Username, and Password for the new user:


    Near the bottom, select Shell: nologin, and enable Samba Authentication. Click SUBMIT

  3. Enable the SMB service via Services > SMB:


    Also ensure the Start Automatically box is checked.

  4. Open a shell and create your backups directory:


    In this example, we will create a directory called start9backupshare on the root of our storage pool:

    mkdir /mnt/zpooldisk1/start9backupshare

    This is the example path we will use in this guide. You may choose a different name or path.

  5. Under Sharing > Windows Shares (SMB), drill down into the path until you find the directory to be shared:


    We give the share the Name nasshare

    Click SUBMIT to create the share.

  6. A Configure ACL dialog will emerge. Click CONFIGURE NOW:

  7. You will be brought to an Edit ACL screen.

    Under User check “Apply User” and select or type the username we created in Step 2:


    Off to the right-hand side, Permissions Type should be set to “Basic” and Permissions should be set to “Full Control”. Click SAVE

Connect StartOS

  1. Go to System > Create Backup.

  2. Click “Open”.

  3. Fill in the following fields:

    • Hostname - Enter your truenas hostname: truenas.local

    • Path - This is the “Name” of the share that we set in step 5: nasshare

    • Username - This is the Username of the user we created in Step 2: s9backup

    • Password - This is the Password of that user, also set in Step 2

  4. Click “Save”.

That’s it! You can now Create encrypted, private backups of all your Start9 server’s data to your TrueNAS!