DIY (Raspberry Pi)

Start9 is committed to ensuring that StartOS is accessible. It will always be possible to build your own Start9 server on low-powered hardware.


READ CAREFULLY! DO NOT USE A RASPBERRY PI FOR RUNNING BITCOIN SOFTWARE! You will have a bad time. The pi is a great choice for other use cases, such as file storage, password management, git hosting, etc.

For more guidance or to share your experience with others, please head to our community forum. Want to support sovereign computing? Please consider a donation to Start9.

Hardware Requirements


READ CAREFULLY! Start9 recommends AGAINST using an SSD with the Raspberry Pi. It can lead to server instability and data corruption. Instead, we recommend using a large, high endurance microSD card. If you insist on using an SSD, please ensure you are using a high-quality USB cord and the SSD is independently powered by a high-quality powered USB hub or case with powered expansion board. Even then, you will likely encounter issues. See the Community Hub for more info.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB RAM)

  • Power Supply (20w - 5v/4a recommended)

  • MicroSD Card (high endurance, 64GB minimum) (if you go against our recommendation and use an SSD, you will only need a 32GB microSD card, and it does not need to be high endurance)

Flash and Install StartOS