Configuring Firefox for Tor

  1. Ensure you are already running Tor on your Mac.

  2. Open Firefox and enter about:config in the URL bar. Accept any warnings that appear

  3. Search for dom.securecontext.allowlist_onions and set the value to true:

    Firefox whitelist onions screenshot
  4. Search for security.enterprise_roots.enable, set it to true.

    Firefox security settings
  5. Go to the right-hand hamburger menu and select Settings:

    Firefox options screenshot
  6. Search for the term proxy in the search bar in the upper right and select Settings...:

    Firefox search screenshot
  7. Check the option labeled Use System Proxy Settings and the box labeled Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5:

    Firefox proxy settings screenshot
  8. Click OK and restart Firefox

  9. Test that Firefox can resolve .onion URLs by visiting Start9’s Tor website: http://privacy34kn4ez3y3nijweec6w4g54i3g54sdv7r5mr6soma3w4begyd.onion.