Backup Restore


Restoring from backup is for disaster recovery purposes only. To re-use an existing data drive with a fresh copy of StartOS (after re-flashing, for example), follow this guide. To transfer data from one drive drive to another (to upgrade your storage, for example), follow this guide.

If you are still reading, it means disaster has struck, and you need to restore your data from an encrypted backup.

  1. Go to System > Restore From Backup.

  2. Select existing backup from either Network Folders or Physical. In this example, we’ll select a Network Folder backup.

  3. Enter your master password.

  4. Previously backed up services will appear in the window. Select the service(s) you’d like to restore and click “Restore Selected”.


It is not possible to recover services that are already installed. If you wish to recover a service that is already installed, please uninstall it first to permit recovery.