Trusting Your Root CA

Download and trust your server’s Root Certificate Authority (Root CA) to establish a secure (HTTPS) connection with your server.

1. Downloading

There are multiple ways to obtain your server’s Root CA.

a. After Initial Setup

To download and trust your Root CA following initial setup, simply follow the on-screen instructions

Trust your Root CA


You can click “SKIP” to forego trusting your Root CA (not recommended) and then manually bypass the browser’s security warning.

b. From StartOS-info.html File

You can download your Root CA by clicking “Download certificate” in the file downloaded at the end of initial setup.

StartOS address info

c. Sending to yourself

Once you have downloaded your Root CA on any device, you can simply send the file to yourself using email, messaging app, or other file sharing technique.

d. In StartOS UI

You can find your server’s Root CA inside the StartOS dashboard.

  1. Navigate to System > Root CA and click Download Certificate

    LAN setup menu item

2. Trusting

To trust your Root CA, select your operating system and follow the guide: