There are 3 different ways that you may choose to restore Embassy data, as well as a 4th option to migrate data between hardware.

  1. “Restore” selected service data to your currently running Embassy. This is specifically for service data.

  2. “Attach” a drive with existing Embassy data on it during setup. Use this when re-flashing your SD card, for example.

  3. “Recover” (as in, disaster recovery) all Embassy data in the event that your backup is the only thing you have left.

  4. “Transfer” all data from an existing Embassy. This is a total migration for use when upgrading hardware only.

Select the appropriate tab below to restore your data:

  1. Go to System > Restore From Backup.

  2. Select existing backup from either Network Folders or Physical. In this example, we’ll select a Network Folder backup.

  3. Enter your master password.

  4. Previously backed up services will appear in the window. Select the service(s) you’d like to restore and click “Restore Selected”.


It is not possible to recover services already installed on the Embassy. If you wish to recover a service that is already installed, please uninstall it first to permit recovery.